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Surviving the Chaos


By Mark Marxer

It’s times like these when people, firms, businesses, services and even higher education institutions define themselves. You either do the right thing based on facts, not fear, or you do something else. Ultimately the people, firms, services, educational bodies that do the right things like communicate, stay professional with clear heads, and have a long-term vision will be the big winners here. The ones who didn’t will likely have a lot of trouble with their core business and focus when this passes.

Having been through 1987, 9/11, 2008, and multiple crises along the way that have changed the way we live and think. It is critical that everyone watch, learn, have clarity of thought, be smart, be kind, supportive, thoughtful and professional. Take a step back, observe and wait this out over the next few weeks.

After this all shakes out, the way people acted under stress, fear, duress and how the media (social media, power brokers, politics) will likely change many things. Who we do business with, who and where we focus, who we spend time with, the schools we go to, and how we make decisions.

Events like these are defining moments in more ways that we can imagine right now and it’s important we are paying attention, do the right things. The opportunity to be smart when others lose perspective will allow for good thoughtful decisions to be rewarded by multiples over time.