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Nobody Understands Business Development Like We Do. Period. ™

Established in 2010 by Mark Marxer and Brian Leftwich, MMX has grown into a vast network of premier managers, clients focused on partnerships, and strategic alliances. Our team, with a collective experience of over 145 years, specializes in constructing alternative investment businesses and securing capital from institutional investors. On average, MMX partners bring more than 20 years of experience in diverse capital raising environments and maintain enduring relationships with top institutions, institutional investment consultants, family offices, and wealth managers across North America. Our leadership team, comprising four partners, is spread across Florida, New York, Minnesota, Tennessee, and Texas, each bringing extensive experience in capital raising and business development.

Over the past decade, MMX has collaborated with a wide array of high-caliber, industry-leading managers. We prioritize personal, one-on-one engagement with our esteemed investor relationships, eschewing mass marketing tactics to assist our clients in strategically growing their businesses and securing capital from the right investors. Our boutique approach to client service is a valuable asset in the capital raising and business consulting landscape. To ensure optimal performance, it is crucial that MMX and our managers operate in unison, a key factor in aligning interests for the long-term success of a partnership. Explore further using the navigation buttons to understand how our expertise and experience contribute to our managers’ alignment and success.

By collaborating with MMX, managers of alternative investments gain access to our wealth of experience, market insights, and extensive reach within the institutional investor community. We assist our clients in diversifying their investor bases, forging relationships with the most suitable institutional investors, and strategically positioning themselves in the market. What sets MMX apart is our customized approach to business development and capital raising. We focus on collaboration, integration, and a specialized strategy for sustainable growth, tailored to each client’s unique needs. Our network, in turn, greatly appreciates the chance to assess, engage with, and grow alongside the top-tier franchises we are helping to build.

MMX’s approach to business building and advisory services stands apart from conventional advisor/fundraising partner options or capital introduction groups you may have encountered. We’ve discovered that the traditional advisor approach may not correlate as strongly with capital raising success as anticipated. This is due to the dynamic, rather than linear, nature of fundraising processes.

Achieving success entails more than just extensive market coverage, breadth, geography, and a high number of meetings. Similar to many investment strategies, effective fundraising is a blend of both bottom-up and top-down approaches, working in tandem to produce the most favorable outcome.

Each firm, fund, team, structure, and investment strategy is unique, initially attracting the attention and interest of a select group of investors. However, the key lies in how effectively a manager presents their strategy, ensuring that investors and clients comprehend the long-term value proposition. Thus, identifying interested investors or partners is less crucial than understanding their decision-making process and thoughts on the prepared materials and preliminary discussions.

A partnership with MMX equips you to assess and prepare for these dialogues, taking into account the anticipated environment and current market interest.

Current & Past Mandates
Delivering Investors Diverse, Strategic Investment Strategies

H Point Investors

Type: Private Equity
Strategy: Opportunistic, Dislocated and/or Distressed Credit

Scarsdale Capital

Type: Hedge Fund
Strategy: High Yield & Opportunistic/Distressed Credit

Blackhorn Ventures

Type: Venture Capital
Strategy: Industrial, Impact Focus

Palo Alto Investors

Type: Hedge Fund
Strategy: L/S Health Care

Intrinsic Health Partners

Type: Private Equity
Strategy: Ancillary Cannabis

Aviator Capital

Type: Private Equity Fund
Strategy: Aircraft Leasing

CapRidge Partners

Type: Real Estate
Strategy: Value-Add Real Estate

EastWind Global Partners

Type: Hedge Fund (L/S)
Strategy: Generalist

Elion Partners

Type: Real Estate
Strategy: Real Estate

Glynn Capital Management

Type: Hybrid
Strategy: TMT Focused

Hawkeye Capital Management

Type: Hedge Fund (L/S)
Strategy: Generalist

New Zealand Land Fund

Type: Real Estate
Strategy: Real Estate

Origami Capital Partners

Type: Private Equity Fund
Strategy: Liquidity Solutions

Pyrrho Capital Management

Type: Hedge Fund
Strategy: Event Driven

Piper Jaffray Investment Management

Type: Hedge Fund
Strategy: Municipal Bonds

Restoration Capital

Type: Hedge Fund
Strategy: Distressed & Event Driven

Strategic Partnerships
PArtnering with World-class firms in alignment with MMX values


MMX has partnered with leading Operational Due Diligence (ODD) support network, Fortifinancial, which provides operational due diligence solutions to allocators and managers alike. Fortifinancial, founded in 2012 by experienced ODD professional Jeff Lisle, has been nationally and institutionally recognized as a leader in it’s field. MMX believes Fortifinancial‘s ODD capabilities and experience as best in class and through this partnership we like to share the significant flexibility they offer.


MMX top 850 Relationships
diverse collection of deep-level connections across geographies and platforms
Family Offices - 19%
Fund of Funds - 19%
Endowments & Foundations - 18%
Pensions - 14%
Wealth Managers - 12%
Consultants - 11%